BONFANTI headquarters
BONFANTI headquarters

Our commitment: sustainable growth and corporate social value for present and future generations.

Sustainability is an integral part of BONFANTI's mission and the quality of our products goes hand in hand with the use of production systems that aim to reduce the environmental impact.

Together toward a ZERO IMPACT future

BONFANTI puts sustainability at the top of its priorities, thanks in part to new photovoltaic system

Plant power
1,000 kW
Photovoltaic panels
Energy produced
1,200,000 kW/h
Equivalent Trees Saved
CO2 emissions avoided
475 Ton
Fossil Carbon saved
168 Ton

BONFANTI's ongoing commitment to environmental protection is realized through the construction of a new photovoltaic system. This system, consisting of more than 2,600 panels, is capable of generating up to 1.2 GWh of electricity per year. These figures translate into a significant reduction of annual CO2 emissions by 475 tons, which is equivalent to preserving 38,000 trees each year.

Our company's business strategies are based on an accurate assessment of the environmental impact of our products and our production activities. Furthermore, we strongly believe in company social value, which is why we are committed every day to creating well-being and economic growth in the areas in which we operate.

BONFANTI environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

BONFANTI undertakes to carefully select quality materials and reliable suppliers, in order to guarantee a sustainable and safe production process. Each stage of production aims to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible, limiting the amount of waste and emissions.

We are committed to guaranteeing a virtuous management of the waste produced and to reducing the consumption of energy resources, also with awareness-raising initiatives aimed at personnel and promoting training activities.

We maximize the life cycle of our products to allow our customers to operate more sustainably as well.
In fact, we believe that the rational and sustainable management of natural resources and energy enhances work processes. This is why we are committed to generating development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the well-being of future generations.

Social sustainability

We offer people a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment. Our team is diverse, inclusive and inspiring. We invite our employees to behave responsibly, so that the working environment is serene and constructive.

Every day we are committed to guaranteeing the safety and well-being of the people who work for us, adopting codes of conduct aimed at continuously improving the lifestyle of our employees. We are committed to preventing and reducing risks to the health and safety of workers, in particular accidents and occupational diseases, and we choose materials, methods and technologies that prevent risks in the workplace. We also protect the health of workers through continuous health checks.

Correctness, professionalism, transparency and mutual respect are key principles within our company and must be observed by both managers and employees. We guarantee suppliers responsible and transparent contractual management and involve partners who we feel are in tune with our values, creating networks of "cultural" and business interest, making available and acquiring, in turn, experiences and skills, in a continuous dialogue.
Finally, the rigorous and constant monitoring of each stage of production ensures the safety not only of our workers, but also of our customers.

BONFANTI social sustainability
BONFANTI economic sustainability

Economic sustainability

We are deeply aware of the economic and social responsibility of our company, therefore BONFANTI's business has always been aimed at improving the economic conditions of the area and the communities in which our offices operate.

Our constantly growing productivity and continuous opening to new markets resulting in the establishment of new offices allow us to offer solid economic value.

We are also committed to reducing production costs, in order to place competitive and accessible products on the market.

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