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Handling and Storing Systems

BONFANTI is well-known as one of the most important Suppliers for the Plastic Film industry, having developed specific solutions to meet all the operative requirements (handling, conveying, weighing, packaging, labeling, storing) and vertical software applications, allowing the Customers to manage the whole process from the production lines to the finished goods dispatch.

The advantages for your company:

High safety standards that guarantee the safety of operators
Reduction of machine downtime and improvement of the production capacity
Minimization of personnel assigned to handling processes
Complete production and shipment tracking of semi-finished and finished goods
BONFANTI informa

We provide our Customers with a Software Suite completely dedicated to the Plastic Film production industry, developed in collaboration with Informa Srl, which supports the production planning and management by optimizing the entire production flow.

BONFANTI solutions for Plastic Film production industry

One of the main activities is represented by EngineeringĀ development: the design of tailor-made solutions aimed at optimizing the flow of materials in order to assure the quality level and the production efficiency optimization

JR Area

BONFANTI has developed specific solutions and equipment for the optimization of the whole logistic process dedicated to the Jumbo Rolls production


SR Area

The Slit Rolls obtained from the primary and secondary slitting are delivered to other areas dedicated to subsequent production processes. The Slit Rolls transportation is an essential part of all the BONFANTI solutions

Met / Coating Area + WIP

The Metallization and Coating processes performed after the primary slitting process are managed by means of integrated solutions allowing the productive decoupling through temporary wharehousing (WIP)

Pack Area + ASRS

The Palletizing and Packaging area is the critical part of the whole production cycle and it is connected to the finished goods warehouse which can be realized by automatic multilevel storage solutions (ASRS)


The  implementation of the Automation in BONFANTI solutions is not only related to  the execution of the handling and storage activities but also to their control and management as well as to their integration in the Customers' entire operational organization by using a dedicated Software Suite Application

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