BONFANTI warehouse
BONFANTI warehouse

Multi-Brand Spare Parts

BONFANTI develop a spare parts multibrand warehouse of over 3,000 m2.

BONFANTI large spare parts warehouse has been supplying multi-brand components in a short time.

Compatible and reliable spare parts, essential for all those who want to reduce downtime and guarantee the safety of the systems.

Quick offers and spare parts for the whole lifting sector in a reasonable time, with staff dedicated to looking for specific products.

Careful packaging and shipments for the protection of products.

BONFANTI spare part
BONFANTI lifting equipment spare parts
BONFANTI lifting spare parts
BONFANTI warehouse
BONFANTI machine spare parts
BONFANTI machine spare part
BONFANTI machine detail
BONFANTI machinery
BONFANTI machine spare part
BONFANTI machinery spare part


Lifting accessories are an important part of our business, whose primary objective is always to provide the best service for the satisfaction of our Customers.

Lifting equipments are completed with accessories under hook, a fundamental part for the safe handling of loads, requiring periodic maintenance, as regulated by Legislative Decree 81/08 Art. 71 and adequate training for use. They are often mistakenly excluded from periodic checks, underestimating their relevance in lifting.
This is why we design and manufacture standard and special lifting beams for all our customers' needs, in compliance with the technical design standards and the Machinery Directive.

Periodic checks of hooked devices are regulated by the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC. The type of control is subject to numerous UNI EN standards specific to each type of accessory.

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