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Furnace Charging Cranes

Furnace Charging Cranes are designed to be used in an environment where the key words are safety, redundancy and reliability, reeving with four independent ropes, double motors and double hoisting brakes, emergency brakes on drum and easy maintenance are only a few particularities.

Being critical cranes in the entire production process and operating in very hot and dusty environments, they are designed paying particular attention to systems for protection against heat/flame and to minimization of dust deposit. The redundancy applied to main mechanisms, both at mechanical as well as at electrical level, ensures the continuity of the service even in case of malfunctions, eliminating risky situations and reducing time losses (downtimes).

In order to make less burdensome the supply of spare parts and considering that sometimes this type of cranes is used as a back-up to casting cranes, the use of common components is foreseen for these two crane types. 

Furnace charging cranes made by BONFANTI
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